Monday, September 26, 2011

Road Trip Recap

I know the anticipation is killing you all...I am finally back with a recap of the "2 blondes & a truck road trip" to the 2011 Country Living Fair. I have two and, uh, WOW!
As you can see above, I settled in quite nicely driving the big-rig truck (That's me top left). Thank god the seat was totally adjustable as were the gas and brake pedals!

And since I seem to be a magnet for traffic jams, it was fitting that we stumble upon it when I was driving. Perfect. 

But for the most part, our trip looked like this....
We even managed to find a great antique mall along the way. 
420 miles and 7 hours later we reached our destination. 
Columbus, OH. 

The next morning we were giddy with wallets in hand and off 
to the County Living Fair (CLF). Can you tell we were a 
little bit excited to be there?
The CLF was huge and we needed a map to navigate. Despite my perplexed look, yes I know how to read a map!
After we figured it out, I navigated myself to my first purchase of the day! A great shabby chic architectural thingy 
- not sure what to call it, but I love it!
Oh, and here I am lugging our "granny cart" around. I look like a serious woman on a mission. Don't mess with me!
Shut up. I know what you are thinking. Why would we lug such a cart around and look like idiots? Hands down the best idea ever. And every other person was lugging the exact same cart. So there.

Both my sister and I were in awe of all the great vendors and their fabulous stuff. Here is some of what we saw....
There was a ton of Fall/Halloween decor!
Why I didn't take more pictures of the vendors is beyond me. But then again, I was navigating my "granny cart" among 800 people and 150 booths worth of stuff with my camera strapped around my neck. 
I am kicking myself for not buying more stuff. Both my sister and I were a lot more "tame" with our purchases than I anticipated. 
Here is my last and best purchase of the day...
 This is an old (very rustic)tobacco basket. Best part is that I scored it for $30! Not sure where I will put it yet but am confident it will find the perfect spot in our house.

The CLF was hands down THE best fair I have ever been too. The 2 blondes & a truck road trip was a success. 
Can't wait to do it all over again next year!