Friday, February 28, 2014

It a Piece of Furniture Could Tell a Story...

If a piece of furniture could tell a story, this highchair would have several chapters. This was the highchair that my sister and me used as babies(Chapters 1 & 2). Many great memories were made in this chair and there are many more to come. I am guessing it's at least 39 years old (sorry sis!).
It was originally a wonderful shade of yellow and my extremely talented sister refinished it back in 2008 when her daughter was born. She did an awesome job.  Both my niece (now 5 1/2) and nephew (almost 2) used it (Chapters 3 & 4) , and now my son will be able to use it (Chapter 5). It's in perfect shape. And my sewer-extraordinaire of a mother even made a new cushion for it. I couldn't be happier with the way it looks!
I am so grateful that my parents decided to hold on this highchair for all these years. And I am very happy that my dining room (we don't' have am eat-in kitchen) will not be consumed by a new-age, gigantic, plastic highchair. We simply don't have room for one!
PS- I hope to dig up some photos of me and my sister in this same highchair to share. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

6 Months...A Blur

I might as well start filling out college applications, because this boy is already 6 months old. How the heck did this happen? Everyone says that time flies by with an infant but they are LYING. Time is a figure of the imagination. I live my life in "moments" lately, as the rest is a blur. But every crazy, sleep deprived moment is a privilege.

I will be back to my furniture rehabilitating and crafting come Spring. Stay tuned, as I have a basement chock FULL of projects just begging to be tackled.