Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shed Progress: Part Deux

When I last reported on our shed progress, we were 2 weekends into the project and it still wasn't complete. I am not complaining at all...I somehow knew this would be the case. It was weekend 3 that was the most tedious. To remind you, this is what it looked like after 2 weekends of work:

Weekend THREE: 

The next step was to put up the felt/tar paper on the roof and install the metal drip edging. These steps seemed to move pretty quickly. The husbo spent most of the weekend 10 feet off the ground and on the shed roof. 

After the felt/tar paper, it was time to install the shingles. This was the tedious part because each sheet of shingles needed to be lined up straight and nailed to the roof. The husbo and my dad nailed as many shingles as they could reach from their ladders. But then it was time for someone to get up on the roof.

But the husbo can do anything as long as he is wearing
 his duck boots! Oh - and I have a new found respect for professional roofers. Those damn packages of shingles weigh 60+ lbs each! And we had 7 packages. 

Then the shingles that overhung the sides of the roof line needed to be trimmed along the edges. I think my dad and the husbo were ready to call it a day at this point. But they powered on.

I helped out where I could, handing them tools and sheets of shingles when needed while they were up on their ladders. I caulked all of the seams - that I could reach. I also had the job of cutting individual shingles for the strip that goes along the seam at the peak of the roof. That was the last step in the construction. Hallelujah! It took 3 weekends, not 2 days like the manufacturer indicates:

Hold on, I am still laughing....

After all the hard work that my dad and husbo put into this project over the past 3 weekends, I felt like I needed to keep the project on schedule and at least start some of the painting. 

Well I didn't get very far. It was hot. Like 95 degrees hot. Plus it was after I worked a full day at my 9-5 job. This girl was tired, cranky and sweaty. But leave it to my supervisor to try and keep me on track.

Notice the paint on his ears. He was trying to help me. I appreciated it but called it a day after an hour of painting a sweating. 

Here is where we stand as of today...

I promise to finish painting soon. And stay tuned for "Project Cute-Shed". More on that later. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

I'll Take My Coffee With Cream and Sugar...and Advil

If this is how I feel this morning...

I can only imagine how the hubso and my dad feel this morning after the 3rd weekend of constructing our shed. This weekend was all about shingles. The roof kind, not the blistering rash kind. Ewww. As soon as I get my energy back and stop popping Advil every 4-hours, I will post another shed update with pictures.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shed Progress

We've been busy in the 'burbs building our shed from a kit. Well, let's be honest, the husbo and my dad have been building our shed. And a little side note to the shed kit company...you should probably re-think your instructions indicating that this thing can be built in one weekend. I beg to differ.

Weekend ONE:

Leveling and building the floor.

There was A LOT of hammering.

And Emmit was a great supervisor and kept them on track.

Notice the new mini tool belt pouch thing. 
And of course - the duck boots. Ha.

Weekend TWO:

We have walls! Try and contain your excitement, I know. 

It was hot and humid out. So props to both of them for powering through it. Don't worry, I made sure they stayed hydrated!

I think the husbo is in all his glory at this point. 

Uh oh. I found someone sleeping on the job. 

I was a bit nervous at this point. And yes, we have medical insurance.

2 weekends later, we have a structure. There is a god. 

To be continued...