Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Dreaded 3 - Oh!

Oh crap. It's here. Today I officially mourn the loss of my twenties. I. AM. FREAKING. OUT. I have been dreading this b-day for a year and am pretty much in denial. But as depressing as turning 30 is, I look back on the last decade and am so grateful for what I have accomplished (while continuing to feel, and act, like I am still 16).

Though I still can't help but feel like life in the 'burbs is moving at warp-speed....slow down please!

I remember when I was growing up, my Grampy would never say how old he was on his birthday. He always phrased it like "I'm celebrating the 4th Anniversary of my 20th Birthday". I never understood that really until I got older. So today I am celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of my 10th Birthday!(Wait, is that even correct? I'm blond so if it doesn't, just let that one slide today, ok?) Once I get past this denial, I am really looking forward to what the next decade will bring. Cheer's to now being able to check the age 30-45 box on forms! Yikes! Oh, and here is my motto from now on...

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The Frog :) said...

Time to change your profile! Hehe!