Monday, July 30, 2012

Dumpster Diving: Blonde 'Burb Style

Monday is trash day in the 'burbs. No, I do not make a point to drive around the 'burbs to go trash shopping for furniture. I have standards, thank god. I do have a next door neighbor who, on occasion, has purged some furniture from around her house and placed it at her curb on trash day. 

Well, last night I went to water a few plants in the front of our house before dark. As soon as I walk outside, my next door neighbor - who knows I like to paint and shabby-up furniture - yelled from her driveway and asked me if I would like to go "shopping". I looked at her and said, "what woman doesn't"? Then she pointed to her curb and I spotted this girl...

An oak roll-top desk! Pardon the dust :)

Why would she throw away such a thing? I didn't ask. I could't get the husbo to drag this from her trash pile at the curb fast enough! She's got nice legs and some detail on the drawer handle.

If I didn't snatch her up, I knew someone else would.

It's official, my list of projects to paint is now OVERFLOWING. Can't wait to tackle this one! 

Stay tuned!

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