Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mini-Dresser Makeover

I bought this mini-dresser at Home Goods (HG). They were practically giving her away in the clearance section. Her bottom drawer opens and closes a little wonky, but hey, who's perfect anyway? I snatched her up in a heartbeat. 

I wasn't crazy about her hardware, but knew this was something I could change easily. I found some better drawer pulls (for a steal) on yet another trip to HG. Did I mention how much I love HG? Here she is after her mini-makeover.

So much better, right? Here is a closer look.

PS - we had a BUG ALERT in the 'burbs tonight. I saw something large-and-in-charge wiz by my head and land on the wall. What the heck is this thing and where did it come from? It's a leaf with legs! YUCKEROONIES! Thanks to the husbo for coming to the rescue and saving the day. He captured it and sent it back into the wilderness. THANK GOD!

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