Friday, October 19, 2012

Recap: 2 Blondes & a Truck Roadtrip

My sister and I took our second "2 Blondes & a Truck" roadtrip last month to the Country Living Magazine's annual fair in Columbus, OH. This year's trip was just as fun (if not more) as last year.

I got to drive my brother-in-law's Ford F150 again - and thoroughly enjoyed it!

We made several stops along the way to hit a some antique shops.

One was more quirky than the next!

Guess this is the taxidermy department? LOL!

We even stumbled upon a longhorn ranch. I've never seen a longhorn up close and personal. They are pretty impressive!
Oh - I've recently been interested in buying a bike. Loved some of these vintage ones we stumbled upon.

Once we got to the Country Living Fair, it was serious business. It's so big that you need a map to navigate.

The vendors definitely put A LOT of effort into their booth displays.
Everywhere you looked, there was such great stuff!

This booth even had built up the entire 
facade of their booth! Crazy stuff!


Some more.....
 This was a vendor selling refurbished and uniquely decorated vintage campers. They were pretty wild. Anyone ready to go "glamping" (glamorous camping)? I am!
We walked the entire fair twice and filled up our schlepper cart. As you can see, my sister was exhausted. Shopping is hard work!

Kudos to Country Living Magazine for putting 

on another awesome event.

It was an awesome girls weekend with my sister!!!

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