Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Craft Recap

I managed to tackle one of about four Christmas crafts on my list this year. 25% success is good, right?

My one and only craft were fresh cranberry topiaries. I bought a pair of styrofoam cones from Michael's like this...

Then I spray painted them with a light coat of red paint - just so the green wouldn't show through. 

The next step was to start hot glueing the fresh cranberries onto the cone. This wasn't as long of a process as I anticipated. 

Once I finished glueing all of the cranberries, I decided to make it a topiary. Using a stick from the yard, I poked it through the bottom of the styrafoam cone and secured with some hot glue. Then I took some air-dry clay I had on hand, shoved a wad into the bottom of the urn, and covered with some spanish moss. 

Here are the cranberry topiaries on my mantle. What do you think?  This craft project was totally an experiment but I am thoroughly happy with the turnout. No, it's not practical since I used fresh cranberries, but I wasn't going for "practical". 

PS-Happy New Year! Cheers to 2013 and more projects!

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