Monday, June 3, 2013

29 Weeks

TRUTH: Pregnancy sucks the life out of you and makes you tired and also makes your brain turn to mush.

9 months sounds like an eternity but apparently it's not. I've officially entered into the 3rd trimester. My body now feels like a sausage casing. I know, lovely description, right? I find myself forgetting things mid-sentence, which I am sure has done wonders for my professional career. Proof that my brain has gone to mush...without missing a beat, I used the word "enlargen" in a sentence (I meant enlarge). And yes, I am a college graduate. Hold the applause, please. 

Overall, I am still feeling pretty good. Believe me, I have definitely had my moments, as the husbo can attest to :) But I really can not complain.

I've been lazy with taking belly progress pics, no surprise there. Here I am at 29 weeks. Please excuse the creepy work bathroom pic. And no, I am not holding my crotch, I am trying to hold my shirt in to make it appear less tent-like.

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