Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pregnancy Moment #693

Today's pregnancy moment trumps all previous pregnancy moments I have had and makes those seem not even worthy of the title of a "pregnancy moment". BAHAHA.
Today I showed up at my OBGYN's office for my routine prenatal visit. Except it was the wrong day. DOH! The sweet receptionist smiled at me and said "That baby is sucking all of your brain juice". She was so sweet, bless her heart. We both got a good chuckle and went on about our days.
I am sure those of you who are moms are thinking that this is a very MINOR pregnancy moment and they will only get worse. I am not disagreeing with you. I believe that to be true.
Can't wait.

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About Last Weekend said...

Sweet moment, litres of juice left my brain...never never to return...