Saturday, October 1, 2011

Burrrrr in the 'Burbs

The first cool Fall weather has arrived in the 'burbs this weekend. And you-know-who decided to snuggle on the couch
 this Saturday morning under the blanket.

I couldn't bare to disturb him....

This is Emmit's favorite time of year.

What a handsome hound. He loves to snuggle in our green blanket.

Stay tuned for more furniture features. I finally got started on refurbishing one of the chairs I have in my inventory. I will also be sharing more of my purchases from the Country Living Fair & 2 blondes and a truck road trip!


Catherine said...

Oh my goodness those pictures are so cute! Makes me look forward to the cool weather.

Erika said...

Thanks for stopping by Catherine! Seems like it's time to rip out the cold weather gear around here!

katie said...

OMG i love him.