Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kitchen Mini-Makeover: Reveal

I will warn you that you may be a bit underwhelmed by our kitchen mini-makeover. Let's just say that we gave our kitchen a few botox injections instead of a full face life. You know what I'm sayin'?


In its original state, our kitchen screamed BLAH. It was a horrible combination of cream/white/yellow. I especially hated the white Formica countertops. Hated. Them. So with some help from our trusted handyman (not the husbo), we upgraded to classic butcher block countertops (courtesy of Ikea)...

We opted to seal them with a product called Waterlox to make them extra durable. We also invested in a new electric range hood. The original one was crusty, rusty and just plain gross. Oh, and that vintage brown eggs sign is courtesy of my parents. They had that in their kitchen in our childhood home. Love it! And check out that awesome curtain that was custom made by my talented Mom. THANKS MOM!

We had our 1960's metal cabinet doors (don't be jealous!)freshly painted white. Ahhh.

The new wall color is light gray. It's Martha Stewart's "cumulus cloud" (we chose to have the color matched in Benjamin Moore paint - per our handyman's suggestion). The ceiling and all the trim were also freshly painted. I can't stop staring, can you? Ha.

Yup, that's it folks. What do you think?


So much better than the BLAH before, right?!


KrissyGirl said...

I love the new kitchen! You did a fantastic job at re-doing it without going overboard. It looks so fresh and clean. We did that too our kitchen a few years ago. I still live with my parents and everything (except for the appliances) was the same since I was born. It looked old. It looks great now, just like yours. Simple yet new and I love the butcher block!

New follower!


Suzan Sweatman said...

Those counter tops look amazing!!!
What a great solution - and really love the color you chose for your walls - yep - I'd say the botox worked for sure!!!

Erika said...

Thanks Kissy Girl...and welcome!

Thanks Suzan! A little Botox can go a long way. Ha!

Vidya @ Whats Ur Home Story said...

The counter tops look great. Liked the paint color. I've been looking for a nice blue grey for my closet. Pinned it already. Maybe it is the pics, I'm wondering if you could have gone a shade darker so there would have been more contrast with all that white.

katie said...

Looks awesome!! Can't wait to see it in person!

Lauren said...

I love your new counters and the chalkboard frame! So cute!
Lauren of www.cornwellfam.com

Erika said...

Thanks Katie & Lauren!