Monday, June 21, 2010

The Weed War

I apologize in advance if I start sounding like a broken record, but....I swear with every weed I pull in the yard, 3 pop up in it's place. The area on the left side of our house is a jungle mess of weeds, dandelions and everything in-between. A few months ago I spent the better part of an afternoon clearing this area of all the out-of-control weeds. I even had a run in with Ms. Ivy who came back for some revenge (literally). But I was determined to win this battle. Only to realize a few weeks later the weeds came back with a vengeance. So I weeded some more, only to realize a few weeks later that this battle was a full on war. Needless to say, the area looked like this...
Pretty much a total embarrassment in my opinion. So the hubs and I were determined to win this war with weeds. So we decided to lay down landscaping fabric in hopes to suffocate and lock out those pesky weeds. It seemed like a relatively easy and cost effective solution. So we weeded one last time and started to lay down fabric - seen here....
Oh, and it's virtually impossible to tell in the photos, but it was about 95 degrees out, 80% humidity and we were dripping with sweat. Hence the hubs taking a break (or purposely turning his head to avoid my photo?). But after laying the fabric, we covered with mulch and and voila! Instant transformation!
Looks like we won this war!

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