Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Adventures of Emmit

First and foremost, I apologize for all of the puppy posts lately. But the adventures of Emmit continue in the 'burbs. Being a new mom puppy parent basically feels like having an child and has been a true test to both my and the hubs sanity and patience. I did some research online as to the stages of puppy development, and here is where we currently stand:

6 Months – 1 1/2 Years:
Watch out! It’s the beginning of adolescence for your dog(oh great). At this stage, they begin to challenge rules and authority, and tend to explore who the leader is (sounds more like the teenage years). It’s important to establish yourself as the leader during this period. Be stern with your pup for your own long term benefit. They are beginning to look like full grown, mature dogs, but still a puppy at heart! (courtesy of

Bingo! This couldn't be more true for Emmit. I like to think of his current stage of development as the equivalent to a child's "terrible two's", or do we have a teenager on our hands?! He's quite the snatcher these days and anything left on the floor WILL be sniffed, chewed and/or eaten. 

Including one of these this morning....

 ...a bobby pin! YIKES! 

Immediately called the vet.

ME: Good morning, my puppy ate a bobby pin this morning, should I be concerned about that?!

VET: Well, that's not good! You are going to have to monitor him and see if his appetite changes or if he starts to vomit. If the bobby pin gets lodged in his stomach or intestines, it may cause a blockage which can be serious.

ME: (nervously giggles) Oh? That doesn't sound good.

VET: And check to see if he passes the bobby pin in his stool over the next week or two.

ME: Oh?

VET: If he doesn't pass the bobby pin, we can take an x-ray of his stomach and possibly scope his stomach or he may need surgery.

ME: Oh. (All I hear in my head is the cha-ching! cha-ching! of a cash register). Ok well I will monitor him and keep you posted.

CHEERS to sorting through dog poop over the next two weeks! 

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