Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fried Green Tomatos

Not the movie...the real thing. I saw some green tomatoes at a farm stand and thought I would attempt to fry 'em up. I have tried this once before which resulted in a mushy icky mess. I accepted the fact that maybe fried green tomatoes just would not be in my recipe rotation ever again. I am, after all, a Jersey girl and have no business cooking "southern food".

Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law (who is a great cook but would never admit to it) for giving me some pointers and her "easy" recipe for fried green tomatoes. Turns out I made the mistake of breading the slices of tomato with breadcrumbs on my first attempt which actually isn't necessary.

Attempt #2 of fried green tomatoes was successful!

They turned out pretty good!

I didn't deep fry them, just pan fried them. I basically need to wear a hazmat suit to deep fry anything because I freak out any time something splatters. I need to get over my fear of deep frying, seriously.

Here is my interpretation of my mother-in-law's recipe:

Joyce's Fried Green Tomatoes

Green Tomatoes
Vegetable or Canola Oil (for frying)

Egg (whisked with a little water)
  1. Place about 1/4 inch of oil in frying pan. Turn on to medium heat. 
  2. Slice the tomatoes (I did about 1/4 inch or smaller on slices).
  3. Crack an egg into a bowl and whisk with a little bit of water. In separate bowl, put a generous amount of flower with some salt and pepper to season. 
  4. Take each slice of tomato and dip in egg and them dip in flower mixture to coat. Tap off excess flower.
  5. Place slices in hot oil and fry for several minutes, until golden brown. Flip each slice and cook other side until golden brown.
The hubs thought attempt #2 was a success. In my opinion, they needed some type of dipping sauce or remoulade. Anyone have any suggestions?


Life According to Jes said...

Looks yummy and reminds me of home :)

The Frog :) said...

gonna have to try these out!