Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Extra Blond in Brussels....Not The 'Burbs

Please forgive the lack of posts. The hubs and I took a well needed vacation to visit a dear friend in Brussels, Belgium. For once, I was NOT traveling for work. Yay! Our trip was full of waffles, beer, chocolate, "European" English breakfasts, moules frites, alot of walking, and a lot of laughs. Here is a recap. My favorite photo is the top right. Vedett Extra Blond beer!

We are slowly dragging ourselves back into the swing of things. Spring is here which means two words....yard work. Our spring cleaning list is pages long and we can't wait for our zoysia grass to green up. It's still a depressing shade of brown. We have some new projects on the horizon, and of course still need to close out a few lingering projects, like our dining room table & chair re-do. Stay tuned!

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