Monday, March 7, 2011

Not The Way You Want to Spend a Sunday

Progress on the Craigslist chairs came to a halt this weekend for two reasons, and procrastination was not one of them. (1) I came down with a nasty cold which knocked me on my butt for 2 days & (2) torrential rain was in the forecast for Sunday (the day which I hoped to paint 2 more chairs).

Instead of painting chairs on Sunday, we spent the afternoon sopping up water in our basement (good times).
We managed to (frantically) borrow our neighbors wet/dry vac (a bonus of having GREAT neighbors in the 'burbs). The hubs vacuumed up most of the water in the basement and the drain that was overflowing outside the basement door. What did I do? Ran and got my camera, DUH.
First and foremost, YES, duck boots were the perfect shoes to wear for such crisis project.

Here is the drain that was the culprit...
It's hard to tell from the photo, but there is a small drain hole outside our basement door (strange, I know, but all the houses in our neighborhood have this). It never gets clogged because this area is included in our screened in porch. Also, I keep a "crumb catcher" thing in it to make sure NOTHING finds its way into this drain. So what seems to be the problem then? We have no clue. Oh the joys of being amateur home owners. 

The hubs was so worried that we'd get more water in the basement that he set his alarm for 2am and got up to check the basement for water. It was dry, THANK GOD. Great way to start off the week, wouldn't you say?

UPDATE: A plumber is coming today to asses this "issue" and look at the drain. Oh joy. Here's to hoping it's a quick and easy fix.

UPDATE #2: Plumber came. We required a new sump pump (which, by the way, is the stupidest word ever). I can think of a MILLION other things I would RATHER buy with the money we just paid for this ridiculously named object.

I feel like I should be OOH-ing & AAH-ing over this stupid new sump pump but I am far from thrilled by it. Couldn't they at least manufacture it in PINK? 

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