Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dresser Mini-Makeover

As most women, I am shopper. On our recent trip to Brussels we browsed around some great home furnishing stores. Completely unexpected and totally drool worthy. I mean, if I wasn't restricted to a medium sized suitcase, I would have swiped my credit card many more times. But I am sure United Airlines appreciates me resisting such purchases.
I came across these cute nobs in a store called Nunc. They had a bunch of other adorable stuff, but figured these were easy to pack and I had the perfect piece of furniture for them. 
To continue the black and white theme in our guest bedroom, I wanted to put these on this dresser that I painted black. My blonde moment was not remembering how many knobs this dresser had. But figured I was safe with just going with 2 for the top drawer.

The photo above is horrible, sorry. But I think they are fun and them! A dresser mini-makeover!