Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easter in the 'Burbs

I am still accumulating decorations for every holiday. I added a few things to our Easter decor this year, thank god, because we were really lacking. 

Here is our mantle decorated for Easter. It's not much but it's festive and reminds me of Spring. I almost always have fresh flowers on the mantle. I love flowers, love to have them around, they just make me happy (hint for the hubs)! I got the  egg wreath at Target for $2, a bargain!. It's too small to put on the front door so decided to hang it over the mantle with some ribbon.

I filled our candle holders with pastel jelly beans - which I also purchased at Target. 

I made this bunny (yes this is a bunny) topiary using a tutorial I found online. Once I find the tutorial I will share.

I bought this bunny at TJ Maxx and put a ribbon around its neck to make it more festive and Eastery (just made up this word).

I am not sure what these two things are - candle holders perhaps? I got them on clearance at Home Goods during Valentine's Day. I figured the pink color could work for Easter too. And I had these plastic eggs from a few years ago and just piled some in each holder. Voila!

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