Thursday, April 28, 2011

Water In The Basement....Again.

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We were under a tornado watch last night in the 'burbs. It was pouring buckets and we had scary "snake" lightening (according to the hubs)and loud thunder. I turned to the hubs and said "thank god we got our gutters cleaned last week". 

Confession - we hadn't had those bad-boys cleaned in over a year. Ugh, who knew you were supposed to get them cleaned like 2 times a year? I'm only 5'4" so am clearly not tall enough to monitor their clogyness (made up word). 

But our clean-as-a-whistle gutters were no match for the buckets or rain we got last night. Our gutters were overflowing all over the place which caused our weird outdoor basement drain (as seen in this post) to overflow and some water seeped into our basement. Not a ton of water, but enough to sop up with towels. Grrrrrr. Needless to say a wet/dry vac has been on our list of "things to purchase" for quite some time. Guess we will be going to Home Depot this weekend. 

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katie said...

Funniest. post. ever.