Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy 'Burbversary

It's hard to believe that exactly 2 years ago, the hubs and I were at the closing for our new house in the 'burbs. I remember sitting across a large conference table from the sellers, a young/middle age couple with 2 young children, feeling like I was about 12 years old about to cross the threshold to official adulthood. Frightening. Needless to say, we've learned A LOT over the past two years owning a single family home in the 'burbs. Just to name a few...

We've learned:
  • Call all utility companies BEFORE you close on a property to put services into your name. This will eliminate any and all episodes of tears and pleading with the not-so-nice power company man to NOT shut off your power
  • How to replace a thermostat
  • Keep a plumber on speed-dial!
  • The art of 'burb ettiqette
  • A power washer is a super fun tool to use - who knew!?
  • Living with a 1960's kitchen is OK. It's outdated, but fully functioning (knock on wood) and most importantly, ours.
  • A little fresh paint goes a along way
  • How to capture a vole that somehow ends up in your house
  • What a pilot light is, how to re-light one and why you need one
  • Weekends are full of housework and yardwork - and that's OK
  • "Home is where your story begins" - so true!


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