Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blonde Moment #4352

This is just too funny not to share...

Yesterday, I leave the house and get in my car to drive to work...just like every other Monday. I go to start my car and my car key, ONLY my car key, is MISSING from my key ring. For a brief moment I think may be still asleep in bed and this is all a bad dream. Think again....this is REAL.

The icing on the cake was the spare key is on the hubs key ring - and he's already at work. DOH!

I tear my purse apart, check all around my car 6,233 times and basically tear my house apart. NO KEY. Not even a trace of a key....nothing. Call it dumb luck, a joke, plain old blonde moment...what-have-you. Yes, this really happened to me and NO I don't have any idea how the heck this can happen! 

 One 2002 Jeep car key. 
If found please call 555-BLONDE. Thanks!

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