Sunday, February 12, 2012

Easy DIY Valentine's Day Decorations

Once all the holiday decorations came down and our house was naked, I couldn't wait to put up some decorations for the next holiday, Valentine's Day. Only problem is that we are seriously lacking in the Valentine's day decor. I know it takes time (a.k.a years) to accumulate this kind of stuff.

I was in Michael's this weekend picking up some supplies for a project I saw on Pinterest (more on that soon!). I came across these paper mache hearts in the dollar isle. That's right, they were $1.00 each.

I especially loved the ones that were music paper mache.

Although I loved them "as is" I wasn't convinced these screamed Valentine's Day. So I decided to put a glaze over these guys...

I used watered down brown paint for
 the one on the RIGHT to give it an aged look. 
I used watered down pink paint for the one on the LEFT. 

I decided to paint the other 3 plain ones...

I had the pink and red paint and paint brush, so this project still stands at $5.00!

Here is the finished product...

Now the question was, "Where do I put these?" Most of them ended up on the mantle....

These mantle decorations are pretty simple and cheap. 

*Candy hearts in the candle holders
*Pink carnations in old milk bottles
*DIY'd paper mache hearts 
*Red felt heart garland was one of the first sewing projects I tackled (you can tell by some of the wonky hearts...I think these add character!)
*White tin heart hanging with pink ribbon 
came from Michaels ($3.00!)
*The rest of the items I had laying around the house

What do you think? 
What do you decorate with for Valentine's Day? 
I would love to see some of your ideas!

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