Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Certified Husbo Homeowner

Just letting you all know that I am taking a brief hiatus from blogging. The husbo and I are taking a well deserved vacation which I will share the details of when we are back in the 'burbs.
To hold you over until I return...
We started on some Spring cleaning last weekend...which I thought was going to consist of weeding, cutting back some dead plants in the garden, and planting some petunias (I needed some color in the 'burbs...remember, we STILL have BROWN zosia grass which won't turn green until about May...I had to help our curb appeal!). But then the husbo decides to "clean the gutters". I have a slight memory block against remembering to call a company to come and clean them out and also have a slight heart attack every time I write a check for this service. Now the husbo can do this himself (with my PINK bucket in hand) and save us some $$$!
Hard at work....

 He's now a Certified Husbo Homowner in the 'burbs.

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