Monday, March 19, 2012

Vintage Pedestal Plate Makeover

A little paint and elbow grease go a long way. This vintage pedestal plate (is that what you would call it?)didn't look this great when I bought it...
I found it a few weekends ago at a store I like to call el-cheapo storo (aka Goodwill). I went hunting for furniture and picture frames to revamp and walked out with this instead.

I figured I could do something with it. It has a few dark spots (stains?) on the top of the plate part. I thought these could be removed with some polish, unfortunately this wasn't the case. They were permanent. My backup plan was to paint it a glossy white. I figured this vintage find could serve many I opted to rough up the brass a bit with a sanding block.

Then I got to work spraying it with a few coats of this white gloss

 Rust-Oleum spray paint.

3 coats of spray paint later...this vintage find 
had a brand new look!

I grabbed the first thing I could find to fill the plate for these photos - some faux pears. I think it turned out great! 

  A simple makeover to such a versatile piece!

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