Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fabulous Finds at the Lucketts Spring Market

You may think this blonde is crazy, but YES I love a good antique market. I guess that's what happens when you enter your 30's. 

This past weekend was the Lucketts Spring Market - which also happened to fall on my birthday weekend. And I couldn't think of a better way to spend a beautiful Saturday. And NO I didn't receive a vintage blue pick-up as a birthday present. Although driving one like this around to do some antique shopping would be fab. Ha.

If you don't know what Lucketts is...shame on you. You are missing out and I suggest you click on this link immediately, if not sooner. Their annual Spring Market is packed full of antiques, vintage items, refurbished furniture and much more. And I must say that this year's market was the best yet!

(Please excuse my paleness...my legs haven't seen the sun in 7 months!)

My parents and the husbo and I packed into my dad's new pick-up truck were off to the Spring Market on Saturday. The 4 of us shopped until we dropped so thank god we had a pick-up truck with us. Because this is what we bought....

Cupola for our future shed...more on that to follow
Iron fleur de lis decoration
Shabby chic newel post

Vintage canvas sack bag with ticking lining and leather straps.

Vintage french postal sack bag with ticking lining and leather straps.
I could have walked out with much much more if my wallet allowed! You can check out more of the great stuff they had at the market on the Lucketts Blog {sigh}.


About Last Weekend said...

That top montage of you is sooo fabulous, what a great haul - you are the samurai shopper!

angie in the thick of it said...

Hey, you... In that cubicle! See if u can get the boss-man to fund our trip to lucketts next year, k? Then we can LOL our way through a perfectly pasty-white leg day at the market together! I have no idea how his makes sense in the real world... I just wanted to give your co-workers something more to wonder about. :-)

Erika said...

Angie, you've got to stop. You are KILLING me over here! Thanks for making my friday (the Fri before Memorial Day wknd no less) at WORK a bit better! Have a GREAT long weekend!