Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy 3rd 'Burbversary

 Wow, another year flew by and here we are celebrating our 3rd 'Burbversary! Our life in the 'burbs continues to be an adventure but I wouldn't change a single thing. Here are a few things we've learned over the past year:

  • How to give a lawnmower a "tune-up"
  • Your local "mom & pop" hardware store is your best friend
  • Cleaning your OWN gutters IS possible - who knew?
  • Installing a window box is A LOT harder than you think
  • Dust bunnies multiply just by looking at them - fact
  • Always keep rechargeable tools charged - DUH
  • Teaching the husbo how to use a caulk gun was empowering and I credit my dad for giving me this knowledge
  • Having great neighbors is priceless...they will even run to the mom & pop hardware store for you when you are desperate and too embarrassed to show your face AGAIN - considering you had already been there 4 times in the same day!


Gesci said...

Haha, the caulk gun one made me laugh! My mom was a single mom who refused to let her daughters be helpless- so we learned all sorts of DIY type skills. My husband... he's a computer guy. Needless to day, I fix the loose doorknobs, I planed the door that stuck a little bit, I drill the holes for hanging art... and I re-caulked the bathtubs! Of course, I couldn't resist running around the house talking about my caulk, and my caulk skills... hee hee hee!
Congrats and happy 'burbversary!

Erika said...

Gesci, I am the same way! My dad sent me off to college with a tool friends looked at me like I was crazy! Needless to say, I am the one most likely to plane a door, fix a door knob, or recaulk the bathtubs. I LOVE to recaulk things! Thanks for stopping by my blog!