Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Diamond in the Rough

I bought this chair for $25 at the Lucketts Fair last summer. What a bargain. I have been looking for a Louis XV-esq chair to refinish. I couldn't pass up this "diamond in the rough". This is a work in progress, as the project officially started in August 2009. I have managed to sand and strip the wood, carefully disassemble the upholstery and keep the pieces for templates for the new fabric...if I should ever decide on some! I came across the Chairloom website recently and am truly inspired by their "reuse & reinvent" mentality and just love love love their use of funky fabrics. The hubs has been bugging me to finish the chair, but I keep telling him it's not that easy! I plan on revisiting the project this spring (once the 28 inches of snow melts) with a little help from my very handy & crafty mom and sister. I will definitely post pictures of the progress and of course the finished product...if I should ever get there!


Catherine said...

What a beautiful chair! I'm a bit intimidated by button-backed furniture. Although it looks like the lines between the buttons are seams, is that right?

I think the next step would be to prime/paint or stain/finish the wood before putting the stuffing and upholstery back on.

Are there springs in the seat? And how far down did you strip it?

Erika said...

Thanks! You are right, there are seams in the fabric between the buttons. I saved each piece of fabric to use as templates...although I am not a sewer! That is where my mom comes into the picture :). No springs in the seat. It came with a mismatched cushion so will need to make a new one. It's turned out to be more work than I anticipated (like you said!) but I am enjoying the challenge!