Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Can You Say BLAHHH?

Take a good, hard look at the above photo. Hmmmm, what is it? I would like to introduce you to the most blah linoleum flooring on the planet. Yes, I have the privilege and honor of having this as my kitchen floor. But I must say it goes very well with the white metal...that's right....METAL cabinetry, white Formica counter tops and wall oven circa 1960. That was a JOKE! I have a hate-hate relationship with this floor. It shows EVERYTHING! Crumbs...check, dirt...check, dust bunnies...check and CHECK! And the funny part is that we are only 2 people with NO PETS and NO CHILDREN! Our grand plan is to do a major re-do of the kitchen, but that will have to wait while we accumulate more funds for such a project. In the meantime, the hubs and I have decided to do a temporary face-lift to our flooring by laying down a more modern vinyl tile. We are attempting to tackle this project this weekend and I plan on documenting it all, so please stay tuned!

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