Monday, March 15, 2010

Floor Face-lift

This past weekend's DIY project was a success! The hubs and I gave our kitchen a tiny face-lift by upgrading our linoleum flooring with vinyl floor tiles. The existing floor was pretty level to begin with so we opted to lay the vinyl tiles directly over the linoleum floor. We decided to lay the tiles on the diagonal to give the room some interest...sort of like a little "botox" add-on to this face lift.  We used Trafficmaster vinyl tile (color: sandstone) from Home Depot.

We did a "dry run" with the tiles to see how things would look before we actually stuck the tiles to the floor. Seen here...

We were pleased with the outcome so went to town and started sticking down the tiles. Most of the room (using full tiles) took less than 1 hour. Then came cutting the pieces around the edges and cabinets. Below is the hubs hard at work...umm back breaking work...
4 boxes of vinyl tile + 2 razor blades + 34,567 cuts with razor blade + a bundle of laughs / a few (bleep)'s = successful DIY floor face-lift (and a few sore knees/backs/legs). We're hoping it lasts us until the major kitchen re-do. What do you think?

                  (Before)                      (After)
PS - You'll also notice in above photos that we upgraded the cook-top, a pre-blog project. A big thanks goes to our awesome neighbors for selling it to us for $25! What a steal and it was barely even used! And a HUGE thanks to my dad who helped the hubs "retro-fit" it into our counter.