Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dining Room Table Re-do Part 1

In our pre-'burbs life, we lived in a small condo which had a very small dining room. The hubs and I had bought a small dining set that fit perfectly in that space. This dining set moved with us to the 'burbs and somehow seems oddly small and almost cartoon-like in our new dining room. But we have "made-do" with what we have for the last year and a half. 

Confession: I often drool over the Sumner dining room set from Pottery Barn. I love everything about it except I think it may be a bit too large for our modest dining room.

Soooo....recently my wonderful in-laws purchased a new dining room table (so jealous!) and offered us their old table, which by the way, they have had for 30+ years! It's a smaller scale dining room table, but definitely larger than our current dining set. Of course the hubs and I jumped all over the offer. This table has hosted many family gatherings, holiday's, birthdays, and Sunday dinners - and now we get to continue these traditions! Priceless.

In it's current state, the table has several pot marks, scratches and general wear-and-tear. It is, after all, older than me! We were given "permission" to refinish the table. I had to ask for permission since it is an antique and has a lot of sentimental value to my in-laws. And I had to also ask myself - were we up for such a task of refinishing this table??? Of course! In fact, we got started on this re-do a few weekends ago....

Here it is in its original condition. It's stained pine. (No, it doesn't have metal legs, that's just the saw-horse we put it on)

After several yucky coats of stripper, it was lighter but not down to it's natural wood just yet. The hubs helped me sand it down. 
Oh - and here is the best part....

The hubs got to wear his LL Bean boots. Let me explain...the hubs is OBSESSED with his LL Bean boots and will wear them on any occasion possible. In fact, he would probably wear them to work (with his suit) if he could. I love it!
Here is the hubs hard at work! 
In his LL Bean boots!

And here it is after being stripped and sanded. There is definitely more sanding to be done to make the color as even as we can. But I never though it would be this light! I love it! What do you think?

More to come, so stay tuned!.....

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