Sunday, January 23, 2011

DIY Chalkboard

I received this vintage shabby-chic frame from a dear family friend as a wedding shower gift. I have had several ideas in my head on what to do with it and finally decided. 
The beer bottle is not in this picture because I was drinking, but to give you the idea of how large this frame actually is. Confession: this beer was technically consumed by me at some point, as dirty cups, wrappers and empty bottles seem to accumulate in the "man cave" quite often.

Back to the project at hand. Lately I've been noticing cute chalkboards made out of picture frames. I love the look and thought - I could do that and I had the perfect frame!

The hubs and I don't have a saw (yet) so we had to call my dad to the rescue. He cut down a piece of scrap plywood to fit the frame - seen here. Thanks dad!

Then I spray painted the piece of plywood with chalkboard paint. It took several coats, and thinking back, I probably should have primed the wood first. Lesson learned.
Next step was securing the wood to the frame. That is where the hubs came in. Unfortunately no duck boots were required for this project, ha. He did a great job using these thing-a-majigs he got at the hardware store.

I had the perfect spot to hang our new our kitchen. We needed something on the drab walls - which we plan on painting soon! Here is the finished product...
I love how it turned out!