Monday, February 14, 2011

The Adventures of Emmit & His Siblings!

Like I mentioned in my last post, I was able to track down 2 of Emmit's brothers and schedule a birthday bash/reunion that was held this past weekend. All 3 of us (dogs and families) met at a local dog park for a reunion/birthday play session. It was SO GREAT to meet Emmit's brothers and their families! It brings such joy to my heart knowing that such caring and loving families rescued these dogs.

What a great lookin' hound group....check 'em out!

Emmit looks most like his brother Brady only because they both share the brindle coloring. But after meeting everyone and seeing them all together, I definitely noticed they all share the same mannerisms and bark! What a hoot it was to see them all together. Whether or not they remembered each other, it was difficult to tell. But I would like to think that they did. 

This was the best photo we could get of all 3 brothers together. 

Trying to get 3 energetic dogs to sit nicely and look at the camera is near impossible...but thought this was a decent attempt! We hope to make this (at least) an annual event. Can't wait to watch these boys grow up! 

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