Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Master Bedroom Paint Project

The hubs and I have been talking about painting our blah cream colored master bedroom for quite some time - I'll be honest. 
This room, being the 2nd floor of a cape-cod style house, has interesting ceiling lines and a large dormer window cut-out (not pictured). So we were a bit confused as to where to end the paint color and where the ceiling actually began. Our main concern was not making the room look smaller with the new paint color. 

After agonizing over several paint chips, we finally found our color! Martha Stewart's "artichoke heart". 
We finally tackled this paint project this weekend. We decided to have the color matched in Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint (sorry Martha). We went with this paint because it already has primer mixed in it. It's a bit more expensive per gallon, but when you think about it, you don't have to purchase primer, AND you save time with not having to paint on a coat of primer.
Oh - and as you can see, I taped the wall where the paint color ended and the angled ceiling started. I used the green Frog Tape instead of blue painters tape. I've heard great things about this tape on other blogs and decided to give it a try  - and I will admit that I will NEVER go back to using the blue painters tape. This tape FAR exceeded my expectations and left crisp straight lines with almost no bleeding paint at all. (I was not paid by Frog Tape to give my review!)

After two coats of paint, 50 yards of Frog Tape, 1 expert paint roller (the hubs) and one confused and curious dog - here is the finished project. (Please excuse the lighting in photo below...it was taken at night! Against photography rules, I know!) 

The color appears (to me) to be slightly more mint green than "artichoke heart", but perhaps we are splitting hairs here? This picture was taken at night by the time we got all the furniture back in place, so I think the color is a bit off in this picture. The jury is still out with me as to whether or not I like the new color. It's a bit more "mint" color than I had hoped. But I am trying very hard to like it.
Better "after" pictured to come....bare with me :)


katie said...

It LOOKS so awesome!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

stef said...

I think the paint actually makes the room look taller!