Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Adventures in Craigslist

Although our dining room table re-do is still in progress, I have been stalking Craigslist for months looking for chairs to go with our new (err old?) table. I fell in love with these Queen Anne style chairs from Pottery Barn but not the $249 per chair price. So I have been looking for something similar ever since.
After several months, I came across the perfect set of chairs for sale - 4 side chairs and 2 arm chairs. Thanks to the hubs for giving up a Sunday to go check out these potential chairs and ultimately make this chair-acquisition possible. And a HUGE thanks to my sister for temporarily housing these chairs in her garage. The seller lived closer to her house than ours and when we decided to purchase the chairs that day we had to make two trips because we couldn't fit them all in our car at once. The best part is that all 6 chairs (and it came with a table too) were $250. So I got an entire dining set for the price of one Pottery Barn chair!

Although I don't have all the chairs yet, I do have one arm chair to show you. They are all in great shape and can't wait to get started on painting them. It's going to be a bear of a project with 6 chairs to sand paint and distress! But I am up for the challenge!

Oh and since this was my first forte into the Craigslist world...I've learned a few things along the way:
  1. NEW dining room chairs are expensive. 
  2. Timing is everything with Craigslist. If you see an ad for something you like you should respond right away!
  3. Do not get discouraged or take it personally if after several emails to the seller expressing your undying interest in their item you get no response. 
  4. Be sure to bring another person with you to go look at the potential item(s) at the sellers house.
  5. There is some interesting stuff for sale on Craigslist! 
  6. Who the heck is Craig anyway and why does he have a list?
  7. On a more serious note, you can get some really great deals on Craigslist if you are willing to be patient. 
 More to come on this chair project so stay tuned!

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Jes Armstrong said...

Totes in love with the chairs.