Sunday, January 8, 2012

French Linen in the "Man Cave"

Santa Clause (and family) was good to me this year, I can not complain. My awesome sister got me a new color of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) for Christmas. And my mom got me another jar of Annie Sloan Dark Wax. I know what you are thinking....paint and wax for Christmas? What a weirdo. 

I was dying to paint something with my new ASCP. Then I thought of the perfect piece of furniture. You see, the "man cave" is a work in progress. We have a black coffee table in this room that the hubs and I have had since we first moved in together. It's great, but I was bored with it. Here it is...

I am not sure what style of table you would call this? It has 2 sides that fold up if you need more room. 

I knew this was the perfect project to tackle with my new ASCP. I was bored of the black and needed a change. So 2 coats of paint later, I got to applying the dark wax to give it more dimension.

Not sure I did the steps in the right order, but after I applied the dark wax, I distressed it and then finished with a coat of clear wax.

Here is the finished product. The lighting is horrendous in the "man cave", I do apologize. 

The table looks so much better in person, I swear. 

I love the makeover! What do you think? 

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Maureen said...

Looks great!

I'm with you on the Xmas gift thing - I got a Loews card and spent the whole thing the day after Xmas.

Claire said...

What a fab Christmas gift-my idea of heaven!!-Following you from MMS-stop on by for a visit!