Sunday, January 29, 2012

Home Office Makeover

Let's be honest, the "home office" was more like the crap room. It was the room that the hubs and I would put random stuff that we weren't quite sure what to do it has a desk. And after living in our house in the 'burbs for almost 3 years, we accumulated a bunch of crap. Here is what it looked like...

I'm mortified that I am actually sharing these BEFORE photos with you. It was a white jumble of BLAHness.

Yuck, right?

Well we decided to give this room a makeover with some new, colorful, paint. It wasn't easy to de-clutter this room and paint around the large furniture.

But we I was determined to get this makeover done in ONE day. That's right...only ONE day. Tape, cut-in, move the ladder, use paint roller, move the ladder some more, remove tape and move furniture back. TIRING! But totally worth it!

Check it out!

What do you think?

It's 1000% better!

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Regus Virtual Office Solutions said...

The before and after pics are just awesome. You have done a great job of turning your office space from blah to amazing. Thanks for sharing!