Sunday, June 19, 2011

$1 Find...From Drab to Fab - REVEAL!

I found this small table at a garage sale last weekend. 
She's got nice legs, don't you think?
And guess what? She was only $1! 
She was a little wobbly, but I saw her potential. 
 I painted her with standard white latex paint. Then decided to put on a coat of brown glaze (my version of glaze anyway). It helped cut the stark white paint.
But I wasn't convinced that this was going to be 
her final "look". 

Confession: I splurged and bought myself the soft wax and brush to accompany the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that the hubs got me for my birthday.
I also bought some clear Briwax brand cream wax.
After distressing the table a bit, I was ready to apply the clear wax.
It was easy-peasy with my new wax brush. But I was dying to get some dark wax on her legs. 
Not sure if you can tell from the picture above, but this wax was a lot creamier than the Briwax. I only needed a spec of wax on the brush and it went a looooong way.
Here is an up close and personal look at the finish with the dark wax....
It definitely gave the table an aged look...which was the look I was going for. This wax is a bit stinky, but very easy to work with and dries quick. All I needed to do was to buff her a bit.
This gave her a nice shine...

Since this was my first forte into using such wax, I can perhaps go a bit lighter on the application next time. But overall, I think she turned out great!
She looks a bit orange in the lighting in my pictures...a bit like a really bad fake tan. Ha. So I brought her inside where the lighting was better. 
Check her out in all of her waxed glory! 
Lookin' good!

PS-those hydrangeas are from our garden. LOVE.

PPS-I shared this piece in MMS's Furniture Feature Friday!

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katie said...

you amaze me!

Tammy said...

Looks Great! $1!!!!

Erika said...

Thanks Tammy! Couldn't pass it up for $1!

ruby said...

Great Job looks very nice, I am on the look out for a little table like that for my guest bedroom and I don't want to put a lot of money into it. I found one for 25.oo at the local antique shop that I thought would nice painted white.but after reading u're story I think I might wait and keep looking for a better bargain.

Erika said...

Thanks Ruby! You should check out some local yard/garage sales too! You never know what you will find....if you can look past all the junk!

Anonymous said...

I love the table! what's the paint color in the background? I love that brown!

Erika said...

Thanks! I painted the table with some white latex paint that I already had. I didn't like the stark white so decided to experiment and add a glaze - which was just watered down brown paint that I rubbed on and then off right away. The dark brown Anne Sloan wax gave the table its true aged look and then I finished it off with a coat of clear Briwax. Hope this helps!