Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Master of Blonde, er, Business Administration

Guess what arrived by certified (oh la la!) mail yesterday? The hubs finally received his diploma for his MBA degree! 
I couldn't be prouder!
Even though he officially completed school in January, the university doesn't issue diplomas until the end of the school year (now). I am so proud of the hubs. He spent countless hours doing homework, going to class & writing papers. I am so proud of him not only for sticking with it but for rarely complaining throughout the process. Oh, and for 3 years he put up with eating my fabulous dinners at 10:00PM or later on Thursday's, which may or may not have consisted of Hamburger Helper on a regular basis

CONGRATS on this major accomplishment!!!!

PS-some would say I have a 
Master of Blonde Administration degree. 
And I'm ok with that! :)

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