Monday, June 6, 2011

Porch Eyesore Fix

Our screened in porch is great for many reasons. We like to dine "alfresco" when the weather is nice. The screen helps keep those pesky mosquitos away so we can actually enjoy ourselves. 


I've mentioned before in our porch makeover post, that this porch most likely built by Joe Homeowner. There are several reasons why we think this but won't bore you with that right now.

One corner of the screened in porch is an eyesore...

Between the electrical box, random phone line box (I think that's what that is?) and other random cables and's just a mess. I hate looking at all of it.

I've thought about trying to camoflauge the electrical box by painting it a shade of brick red. I still may attempt this, but was looking for another solution. I figured we would start by trying to put something in front of the mess. That's when the hubs came up with this idea...

We put the new column we just purchased at the Luckett's Spring Market in front of the eyesore. Yes, I know it looks a but random at the moment but it's a work in progress. 

I bought a fern to place on top of the column. Looks better but still sort of random. It almost looks like a person wearing a crazy green wig - or is it just me?!

I still want to place some things around the bottom of the column - maybe a few bright colored flower pots in different heights to give that corner a little more interest and less randomness. Or if anyone has any other brilliant ideas - please do share!

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katie said...

LOL! Crazy person with a wig! LOL